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Bankruptcy Trustees and Insolvency Counsellors in Montreal

Groupe Serpone, a firm of licensed insolvency and bankruptcy trustees, was founded in the city of Montreal, by Johanne Serpone in 1995. In order to accommodate clients in various areas, our operations have expanded to offices in Montreal’s north and south shores. Our team of specialists are experts in the fields of personal and commercial bankruptcy as well as personal and commercial proposals. We offer a complete service that guides you through the bankruptcy process which begins with a financial analysis, negotiation, and lastly culminating in the discharge of your debts. Our professionals always offer sound advice, including well-informed options that are unique to each specific situation.

Consolidation & Bankruptcy | 20 Years Of Industry Specific Experience

We are proud to have offered expert insolvency and bankruptcy advice for the past 20 years. Our stellar team has allowed Groupe Serpone to stand out from the rest by offering industry-leading knowledge, success stories, and excellent customer service. We look forward to building even stronger customer relationships in the future while continuing to offer trusted financial advice to individuals and businesses alike.

Our Philosophy

Though the quality of our services is oriented around in-depth knowledge, our services go well beyond that. We believe in building and nurturing relationships with our clients.

Our insolvency and bankruptcy services provide much-needed relief for individuals struggling with financial problems. When we help, we always try to understand your situation, your goals and your needs in order to intervene in the most optimal way. Our team implements a client-specific plan in order to achieve effective solutions. At Groupe Serpone, we treat every bankruptcy and debt consolidation case differently as each one presents its own set of unique issues.

Our team of licensed insolvency trustees and advisors will go above and beyond to help you solve your financial problems.

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