Consumer Proposal In Montreal, An Alternative To Bankruptcy

The Ideal Alternative To Bankruptcy

A personal bankruptcy proposal is an alternative to bankruptcy, which allows you to pay down debts to your creditors through a monthly installment plan (spread over a maximum period of 5 years), established within your ability to pay. This alternative is for individuals whose total debts do not exceed $250,000 (excluding mortgage debt). Groupe Serpone can help you with all your personal bankruptcy proposal needs.

Benefits of a Personal Bankruptcy Proposal

  • Bankruptcy is avoided
  • Creditors cease harassment, legal procedures and attempts to seize property, furniture and wages
  • Make only one payment per month, within your budget
  • Keep all your assets (house, car, etc.)
  • You are protected from service interruptions by utilities (telephone, electricity, gas, etc.)
  • Interest ceases upon the filing of the proposal
  • Trustee fees are included in your monthly payment.

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