Business Recovery and Restructuring Strategies in Montreal

Business Recovery and Restructuring Strategies in Montreal and Its Surrounding Areas

Better Prospects for the Future

A business recovery and restructuring solution offers a considerable asset: to explore positive as well as concrete alternatives to more drastic options, such as voluntary assignment. This solution requires understanding in depth the various aspects of your company that will be impacted as well as the consequences, and possibilities.

Groupe Serpone proposes a strategy which aims to ensure better prospects for the future. This personalized plan consists of set of measures involving the financial, organizational, administrative and operational sectors of your business. We also ensure collaboration and support of the financial partner of your company. Thus, we will be able to discern the problem and implement recommendations to solve them, which ensure a stable rehabilitation to success.

Our team will support you by focusing their energy and expertise on these crucial steps:

  • Get up to date financial information
  • Assess cash flow precisely
  • Negotiate with creditors
  • Manage discussions with governmental agencies
  • File proposal or bankruptcy
  • Evaluate assets and carry out the necessary procedures to allow the company to maintain its activities.

The survival of your business is entirely possible. Our insolvency counselors will guide you through improving your cost structure, financing your debts and managing your funds and assets.

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