Business restructuring montreal

Business Restructuring Strategies

In today’s business world, struggling businesses and their teams go through periods of stagnation and denial. Regardless of the reason behind your company’s issues, stakeholders need to see and feel that the business is deploying the proper business restructuring strategies in an efficient manner.

If a client’s company is producing underwhelming results, Groupe Serpone can help before it is too late. When potential threats of legal actions materialize, an in-depth financial analysis is the key to overcoming financial woes. Our business restructuring experts work hand in hand with clients delivering cost-effective results.

What are the Steps in a Business Restructuring Plan?

Groupe Serpone will address every aspect of your company including your operations, infrastructure, and financial weaknesses in order to develop the proper business restructuring strategy.

Our restructuring specialists will:

  • Get up to date financial information
  • Obtain all current financial statements in order to assess the company’s financial position and determine if insolvency procedures are viable.
  • Assess cash flow precisely
  • Asses cash flow to determine the maximum settlement offer that could be made to creditors.
  • Negotiate with creditors
  • Negotiate the minimum settlement amount based on available cash flow.
  • Manage discussions with governmental agencies
  • Ensure government agencies are in agreement with the terms of the proposal or bankruptcy.
  • File a proposal or bankruptcy
  • Based on the situation and available cash flow, the estate will undergo the procedures in the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (BIA).
  • Evaluate assets
  • Carry out the necessary procedures to allow the company to maintain its activities.